Elise Winn Pollard ’06 has been writing nearly her whole life. It started when she made a booklet at around seven years old. Now, after graduating from Drury with majors in English and writing and minors in design arts and global studies, Elise is a published author. This year, she won the Iowa Review Fiction Award for her story “Honey Moon.”

“‘Honey Moon’ is about the journey of this married couple trying to find a cure for the mysterious disease that the husband has,” Pollard explains. “He’s slowly disappearing and they are trying to figure out why this is.” Her story was inspired by five postcards, which made her think about the couple’s journey. “The postcards represent all these different places the couple travels, and I just found the stories from there.”

During Elise’s time at Drury, she immersed herself in anything that had to do with writing. She was involved with student literary magazines including The Bonfire and Currents. Elise is now shifting her focus from short stories and has begun working on a novel.